Taking On an Active Role

Meet Roger Gaskell, our Operations Director

Being an electronics industry veteran, Roger joined Active EMS after nearly 40-years of expert engineering experience for High Reliability (Aerospace and Defence) Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). 

Roger qualified as a Chartered Electronics Engineer in 1982 and since then has taken a personal and professional interest in the practices and principles of Lean and Six Sigma to concentrate overall organisational efforts into continuous improvement.

Leading roles within North American blue-chip companies led to a career that enabled Roger to travel the globe gaining an insight into world-wide best practices, varying cultures, and manufacturing environment styles.  One of Roger’s largest lessons through these experiences was how to avoid negative impact, to pre-empt the challenge before there is a need for a solution to be presented.

Being charged with ‘Operational Excellence’ led to a successful career as a ‘people person’, which played into Roger’s natural ability to lead and motivate at all levels.

On this subject, Roger states; “Through my experience, I’ve come to realise that it’s not the physical changes that I can make to a business, it’s my deep-rooted personal ethos for people, passion, and pride in the team that helps to build the company culture to support exemplary customer care. It’s an overused statement, but all businesses are only as good as their people.”

Active EMS brought Roger out of early retirement as he found that their ethics were well aligned to his own.

The business model is so different to Rogers corporate PLC background, that he believes it empowers him to focus and concentrate on what he sees as the important operational activities, such as organic growth, people development, as well as the company’s health and wellbeing.

Over the coming year (2022), Roger would like to ensure that Active EMS strengthens its relationships with supply chain partners to ensure that the company’s customers benefit by a secure, reliable, traceable, and transparent supply chain.

Roger is also tasked to review, rate, and implement the facilities capital equipment as the company moves towards offering a truly state-of-the-art experience.  Streamlining efficiencies and taking out repeat processes through automation and robotics will help Active EMS offer an even more flexible service to its customers.

Longer term, Roger would like to utilise his people skills within Active EMS to help the company develop a strategic Human Resources (HR) policy to aid the team in talent acquisition, development, and retention.

Roger concludes; “We will only get better by developing our team members and helping everyone focus on the task in hand. My personal Key Performance Indicator (KPI) will be to make everyone feel satisfied and fulfilled within their workplace and with their work.”