Customer Focused Approach by being in Manchester for the Manchester Electronics Market.

We work closely and locally with our customers to ease the flow of information as we undertake a knowledge transfer process.

Only after we complete this practice to fully embrace and understand customer requirements and expectations do we respond with a service that creates value.

At Active EMS we are more than a contract manufacturer, we are EMS+ as we harness the power of:

  • Our people and the Manchester work ethic
  • Our physical location and the educational, resource, and supply chain benefits that Manchester brings
  • The product portfolio coming out of Manchester and the high level of innovation, engineering, development, and entrepreneurial spirit present

We combine these elements to offer our customers a unique solution, which places them bang in the centre of creativity and technology.

Creating Value

At Active EMS we firmly believe that long-term customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success. To continue meeting the changing needs of our valued customers, we are committed to steadily exceed our customers’ expectations as we grow the business one satisfied customer at a time. Our customer-focused strategy is derived from shared experiences and learning.


Program Management – The Perfect Partnership

Within Active EMS, the primary role of a Program Manager is to facilitate effective day-to-day communication with customers, suppliers and employees. Value is added by creating a single point of contact through the formation of solid one-to-one relations, quick decision-making and clear and direct communications.

Successful project implementation is achieved through intense collaboration at the crucial alignment of strategic business goals and expectations phase of the Production Lifecycle.

We maintain a high level of flexibility adapting to customer markets and the environment whilst meeting cost and time-to-market objectives.

An Integrated Solution

Our Active EMS Program Managers are the lead for the Customer Focus Team within their facility and responsible for the production of goods and services in line with customers’ contractual terms and conditions. Using proven best practice and performance metrics, the Program Manager drives continuous improvement within the operation in the areas of Complete Customer Satisfaction, Profitability, and Risk Management.

The worker bee power of Active EMS is the ability to deliver a customised customer-focused solution, understanding our customer’s uniqueness by not adopting a generic approach, but configuring our teams per customer needs and project requirements.


Customer-Centric Organisation

Customer growth and retention is at the heart of our business. We generate a customer-centric environment where everyone is engaged at all levels in continuously improving relationships with our customers.


Complete Customer Satisfaction

As a result of:

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • The ability to adapt to the changing environment, customer and market demands, through successfully managing forecast fluctuations
  • Analysing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to drive significant improvement and add value
  • Offering tailored services to customers
  • Ensuring a culture of innovative solutions through intense customer focus
  • Employing industry experts who demonstrate passionate customer care