Environmental Policies

Environmental Policy:

Active EMS aims to minimise the impact, both directly and indirectly, that our day to day operations may have on the natural environment.

The key points to achieving this aim are:

  • To foster among staff, suppliers and customers an understanding of environmental issues within the context of the business
  • To comply with the spirit as well as the letter of relevant legislation and approved codes of practice
  • Promote recycling internally and with customers and suppliers
  • During product design we seek to minimise the environmental impact of our products during production, distribution, use, and end of life disposal
  • Reduce water and energy use
  • Minimise waste and increase recycling
  • Work with local customers and suppliers to minimise our environmental footprint

Wherever possible we ensure:

  • 100% of Electricity consumed by Active EMS is from renewable sources
  • 99% of Active EMS Waste is Recycled
  • All screens are turned off at night
  • All lights are turned off at night
  • Turn off power to equipment when not in use
  • Use electronic copy in place of paper copies
  • Lights are switched off or reduced during normal working daylight hours
  • Air-conditioning and heating are only used when required and controlled thermostatically
  • Machinery is efficiently used by building up a body of work before starting and bringing them up to temperature

Within the next 12 months we aim to:

  • Ensure all travel undertaken by staff members are Zero Carbon Journeys
  • Engage with Suppliers to establish how all Active EMS deliveries can be made by Zero Carbon Vehicles
  • Engage with Clients and transport providers to establish how all Active EMS shipments to clients can be made by Zero Carbon Vehicles

All employees are responsible and have signed up to a code of conduct to ensure that they play their part in working towards the objectives of this policy, and are encouraged to contribute suggestions to help improve the environmental performance of Active EMS. As an example of our environmental focus, the Active EMS technical team jointly suggested a move away from the previous approach of working 40 hours over 4½ days to operating 40 hours in 4 long working days a week. This change was implemented to:

  • Reduce mileage travelled by staff members
  • Reduce inefficiency of warming up machinery for half a day of operation
  • Increase the productivity output of machinery once warmed up and operating

Active EMS are continually seeking opportunities to improve environmental efficiency and reduce energy and physical waste, with investment plans to further facilitate this.