Box build assembly

Box build assembly, also known as system integration, is part of Active EMS’s added value services.


  • Assistance with enclosure fabrication
  • Installation and routing of cabling or wire harness
  • Installation of sub-assemblies and components

Ranging from PCBA in a large cabinet full of cables to small enclosures, through to complex fully integrated electro-mechanicals and electronics. We ‘actively’ work with our customers to understand their full system-level assembly needs and model our business to suit.

For customers of Active EMS this enables them to revolutionise their companies business model, allowing them to focus their resources on Research and Design (R&D), New Product Introduction (NPI), Sales & Marketing, and Business Strategy, whilst trusting us with their entire production lifecycle through to logistics and after-sales services.  The result, a leaner, more effective and efficient, cost-effective business model, without the need for their own bricks and mortar production/warehousing operations.

More than 75% of the products assembled by Active EMS are completed in customer specific packaging and drop shipped to the end client or installation provider, without even needing to land on our customers premises.

These products have been passed through several stages of functional test, installed into bespoke packaging, barcoded to provide inventory control and secured in final transport packaging, all within a highly efficient lean process to ensure the finished product is correct and cost effective.