Materials purchasing

We have worked for several years to develop our robust, reliable, and responsible supply chain partnership.

The world of electronics has converged. Many products use the same or similar technologies. Active EMS works in a proactive way to help our customers to review their supply chain and adds value by buying component parts in volumes to enable our customers to achieve economies of scale.

We take care of the supply chain partnership relationship, sourcing, lead-times, escalations, approved vendor listings, alternative component parts, obsolesce, etc so you don’t have to.

We provide our customers with a fully transparent and traceable supply chain solution.

  • Enclosures – metal & plastic
  • PCB
  • Cables
  • Power supplies
  • Software integration

We offer vertically integrated value-add solutions that support our customers through the entire production lifecycle and beyond. This enables them to:

  • Achieve economies of scale
  • Streamline the product development process
  • Minimise their costs and maximise their competitive position

Security in the Supply Chain

As we source component parts across multiple market segments, we pass cost savings down the value chain to our customers as we purchase in volume.  Further reductions come into force as forecasts are set with repeat purchasing power.

Our active model enables us to hold buffer stock of component parts, some of which can be long lead-time, or hard to source, or obsolete parts.  Our longstanding and individual relationships with Original Component Manufacturers (OCMs) and distributors mean we have access to source some materials that the market may find challenging.

We don’t believe that our customers should have to pay extra as their product design contains components that can be scarce.  With flexibility in mind we operate to a ‘call-off model’, which means we can bulk buy and hold components in stock for our customers to utilise as per their production forecast.  If demand rises, we are agile to be able to respond in accordance to their production needs.

This buy-in bulk and call-off model means that the component price is held at the purchasing price for our customers.  In a volatile market this level of stability is important to our customer who don’t face the risk of price increases, especially in the start-up market or product launch phase of the production lifecycle.