Heather Chatten

HR Manager

What do you like about working for Active EMS?

I love working with Active EMS because it’s full of people working at their best. It’s an incredibly positive, can do environment where people look after each other and individuals have space to grow and develop.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

My hobbies outside work include medieval history, a wide range of literature, visual arts, cycling and our allotment! Not surprisingly I don’t get to do all of them every week!!!! I also have an unhealthy interest in gin and tonic and a collection of both to match! I love cooking, which is just as well as both my husband and son are very sporty and always hungry. I spend most Sundays during the winter watching my son play rugby – it’s a lot of early starts but a great community to be part of. Last but not least – I love meeting up with family and friends and have sorely missed that these last few weeks.